Free Yourself From Mean Women!

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Do you sometimes feel like your organization is a sandbox where people are acting like kids kicking sand at one another?

There are answers! And they are simpler than you think …

On a mission to get women to stop diminishing and backstabbing one another. We are better than this! It’s not personal … it’s business! Stop making it PERSONAL, ladies! There is a HUGE difference between “friendships” and “relationships.”

I can show you how …

This is not meant to be a negative forum where all we do is sit around and complain. Sure, we all need “whine time” and that’s fine. But there is a point where we need to acknowledge how we feel and make the decision to move on in a positive direction!

My purpose here is to:

  • let you know you aren’t alone,
  • offer support,
  • reinforce that when, not if, you’re mauled by a Mean Woman (MW) you are NOT a bad person,
  • suggest possible explanations or reasons why what happened happened.

My definition of a Mean Woman is any female who:

  • manipulates others and the truth to get what she wants (the “ends justify the means” mentality); and/or
  • purposefully lies about another woman to elevate her own status (the “tear you down to make myself look and feel better” method); and/or
  • sides with the Mean Woman, and although is not lying or manipulating herself, totally abandons the victim and thus is an active participant (the “I’ll forsake my own integrity to save myself” technique).

So come on in! You’re among friends here. Welcome.

What’s Your Story?SubmitYourMeanWomanStory

Want to get it off your chest? I’m looking for YOUR story of a Mean Woman who made your life a living hell.

Submit your story, 350 words or less, and it just might make the Mean Woman of the Week!

Please feel free to use the person’s real name, because if it is chosen for the MWOW (Mean Woman of the Week) the names will be changed for publication (to protect the guilty). Tell Us Your Story!

Speaking and Training

BethRamsaySpeakingBeth’s humorous (and usually irreverent) style will have you laughing as you learn.

Her specialty is “Working and Playing Well with Others” which provides insight as to why people do what they do in the workplace, at home and in your friendship circles. The good, bad and yes, even the ugly, makes sense when you learn the whole picture of different personalities.

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